Realized projects


  1. Healthy soil for healthy life of Mačva (2015)
  2. Dialogue for prevention of natural hazards, REC-SENSE Programme (2014-2015)
  3. Wise use of common natural resources – road to sustainability of the Serbia/Bosnia and Herzegovina cross-border region, IPA CBC Serbia-B&H,  (2012)
  4. Living Danube – Strengthening Capacities for the Protection of Middle Danube Ecosystems – Road to Sustainability of the Croatia – Serbia Cross Border Region, IPA, CBC Croatia-Serbia (2012-2015)
  5. Revision of local environmental plan of Municipality Smederevo (2013)
  6. Ecological status of Municipality Čajetina (2012)
  7. Support to local socio-economic development through the development of eco-tourism in protected areas of Vojvodina (2011-2012)
  8. Creation and promotion of the tourist route with roman specific Via Danubia in the cross border area Băile Herculane (Romania) – Veliko Gradište (Serbia) (2011-2012)
  9. Joint efforts for protection and improvement of river Pen (2011-2012)
  10. Bats of national park Fruska Gora (2011)
  11. Dialogue EU-Serbia for Applied Ecology (2010-2011)
  12. Ecological status of river Tamis (2009-2010)
  13. TREK – Training for environmentally conscious Serbia (2008)
  14. Environmental funds: Models and resources (2008)
  15. Vision of tourism development in Municipality Vranje (2008)
  16. The program for establishment of a system for collection of waste motor oil (2007)
  17. The program of collection, disposal and purification of waste water in rural areas of Municipality Žagubica: Laznica, Krepoljin, SiGe (2007)
  18. Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange (2004)
  19. Cadastre of degraded areas of Municipality Ub (2006)
  20. Cadastre of polluters of Obrenovac (2006)
  21. Project of rehabilitation and recultivation of landfill waste municipality Žagubica, (2006)
  22. Cadastre of Solid Waste  of Municipality Žagubica (2005)
  23. Integrated program: Ecological status of Municipality Zaječar – Cadastre of solid waste, integrated GIS (2005)
  24. The program of organized waste collection in urban areas (2003)