On the basis of Article 78. and 12. of the Associations Act (Official Gazette of RS No. 51/09), Assembly of the Association held on 25.02.2011. in Belgrade,  brings


of ASSOCIATION „Union of ecologists UNECO“

Area of objectives

Article 1.
Association „Union of ecologists UNECO“  hereinafter: (Association) is a nongovernmental and non-profit association, established for an indefinite period to achieve the objectives in the field of protection, conservation and improvement of the environment and to raise environmental awareness.

Aims of Association

Article 2.
Aims of Association are: Environmental improvement, education of citizens, especially of children and young people about the importance of the environment preservation and protection, organization of activities for the rehabilitation of affected areas, and advocacy for changing habits regarding the use and preservation of natural resources and regarding the handling of waste materials. A particularly important goal of the Association is to connect all the factors involved in the field of Applied Ecology: private, public sector and civil society, creating a network of people interested in environmental actions, projects and programs and the inclusion of national networks in international cooperation.
Article 3.
To achieve its objectives the Association in particular:
1) collects and processes scientific and professional literature in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development;
2) organizes, alone or in partnership with other organizations, professional meetings, conferences, seminars and other forms of education in the field of environmental protection;
3) publishes books and other publications on issues related to environmental protection, in accordance with the law;
4) organizes experts to work on the education of children and youth in the field of environmental protection and for the implementation of activities on protection and regulation of nature;
5) organizes volunteer action for environmental protection, afforestation and greening of vulnerable sections of settlements area and its surroundings;
6) cooperates with universities, schools, professional associations and other organizations in the country and abroad that deal with environmental protection;
7) implement projects and programs related to Applied Ecology;
8) through professional and educational activities encourage networking, cooperation, communication, system of mutual information and marketing and promotional activities of interested individuals and legal entities in the field of applied ecology.

Name and adress

Article 4.
Name of Association: Unija ekologa – Uneko
Name of Association (English): Union of ecologists – UNECO
Acronym: UNECO
Adress: Bulevar Nikole Tesle bb
The Association realizes its activities on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

The terms and conditions of membership and cancellation

Article 5.
A member of the Association may be any person who accepts the goals of Association and Statute and submit an application for membership to the Steering Committee of the Association.
Membership in the Association is voluntary.
The decision on admission to membership confirms the Steering Committee.
Membership is gained by signing the Application form.
The minor who has attained 14 years of age may become a member of the Association, accompanied by notarized statement of approval by the legal guardian.
For a person under the age of 14 years referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article shall submit the application by his legal representative.
Article 6.
The decision on the membership adopted by the Assembly and shall immediately notify the Applicant.
A Member may withdraw from membership by giving a written statement of withdrawal. For the withdrawal of a minor the consent of member’s legal representative is not needed.
Membership in the Association may be terminated due to inactivity, non-compliance with the provisions of this Statute or damage to the reputation of the Association.
The final decision on termination of membership is taken by the Assembly, on a reasoned proposal of the Steering Committee.
A member must be enabled to explain the reasons for which it submitted a proposal for a decision on the termination of his membership in the Association.
Membership in the Association cannot be transmitted or retrieved.

The rights, obligations and responsibilities of membership

Article 7.
Member of the Association has the right to:
1) to participate, equally with other members, in achieving the objectives of the Association;
2) directly participate in decision making at the Assembly, as well as through the Association bodies;
3) elect and be elected to the Association bodies;
4) be promptly and fully informed about the work and activities of the Association.
Member is obliged to:
1) actively contributes to the achievement of the objectives of the Association;
2) participate, in accordance with the interest, in the activities of the Association;
3) pay the membership fee;
4) perform other tasks entrusted by the Steering Committee.

The internal organization

Article 8.
Association bodies are the Assembly and the Steering Committee. The function of representative preforms President of the Steering Committee and in his absence the Deputy President.
Article 9.
Assembly of the Association consists of all its members.
The Assembly meets regularly once a year. Extraordinary session of the Assembly can be scheduled on a reasoned proposal of the Steering Committee, as well as the initiative of at least one third of the members of the Assembly.
The initiative is submitted to the Steering Committee in written form and it must specify the issues which should be considered.
Assembly session is convened President of the Steering Committee, by written notice of the place and time of the Assembly session and the draft agenda. The session is chaired by a person who is, by public vote, elected at the beginning of the session.
1) brings the plan and program of work;;
2) adopt the Statute, as well as amendments to the Statute;
3) adopt other general acts of the Association;
4) appoint and dismiss members of the Steering Committee;
5) consider and approve, at least annually, a report of the Steering Committee;
6) review and adopt the financial plan and report;
7) decide on status changes and dissolution of the association;
8) decide on joining alliances and other associations in the country and abroad.
The Assembly can make valid decisions if at least one half of the Assembly’s members is present.
The Assembly decides by majority vote of the present members.
For the decision on amendments to the Statute, statutory changes and the dissolution of the Association requires a two-thirds majority vote of present members.
Article 10.
The Steering Committee is the executive body of the Association, which ensures the implementation of the Association objectives, which are established in this Statute.
Steering committee has three members: General Coordinator, his deputy and Secretary, all elected by the Assembly.
The mandate of the members of the Steering Committee shall be for the period of 4 years and may be reappointed to the same position.
Steering Committee is chaired by the General Coordinator.
Article 11.
General Coordinator (President of the Steering Committee) represents the Association in legal transactions and has the rights and duties of financial principal.
The Deputy President is authorized to, in the absence of the President of the Steering Committee, represent the Association and sign all financial documents on behalf of the Association.

Article 12.
Steering Committee:
1) manages the work of the Association between two sessions of the Assembly and makes decisions to achieve the objectives of the Association;
2) organizes regular activities of the Association;
3) assigns specific tasks to individual members;
4) make financial decisions;
5) decide to initiate the procedure for amending the Statute, on its own initiative or at the request of at least five members of the Association and prepare a proposal of the amendments submitted to the Assembly for adoption;
6) decide on initiating proceedings for damages in the cases referred to in Article 25, paragraph 2 of the Law on Associations and, if necessary, determines a special representative associations for the procedure;
7) decide on other matters which are not, by law or by statute, authorized other bodies of the Association.
Steering Committee decisions are valid if at least one half of the members are present, and decisions are made by majority vote of all members.
The realization of public work
Article 13.
The work of the Association is public.
The Steering Committee shall timely inform members and the public about the work and activities, directly or through internal publications, or through press releases, or in any other appropriate manner.
The annual accounts and reports on the activities of the Association shall be submitted to the members at the Association Assembly session.

Article 14.
In order to achieve its objectives the Association establishes contacts and cooperation with other associations and organizations in country and abroad.
The Association may join international associations for the environment protection, a decided by Assembly.

The manner of acquiring funds for the realization of the objectives and dispose of funds

Article 15.
Association acquires assets from:
membership fees, registration fees for seminars, conferences and other educational programs, voluntary contributions of individuals and organizations, donations, sponsorships, gifts, legacy, budget, fees for professional activities, public funds from domestic and foreign sources intended for financing projects in the field of applied ecology , revenue of its own activities in accordance with the law and other sources in accordance with the law.
Commerce activity that confers income
Article 16.
Association raises funds by doing economic activity: 74.90 – Other professional, scientific and technical activities
Association can start with a direct performe of this activity only upon the registration in the Register of Business Entities.
The profit realized in the manner referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article may be used solely to achieve the objectives of associations, including the costs of the regular work of the Association and their own participation in the financing of specific projects.

Dissolution of Associations

Article 17.
The Association ceases to operate,
Udruženje prestaje sa radom by the Assembly decision, when cease conditions for achieving the objectives of the Association, as well as in other cases provided by law.
Dealing with the property of the association in case of termination of Associations
Article 18.
In case of termination of of work, property of the Association shall be transferred to the Foundation for environmental action of the green “GREEN LIMES”, with headquarters in Belgrade.
Appearance and content of the stamp
Article 19.
The Association has a round stamp on which is written in the upper half: Union of ecologists Uneco, and in the center of it the name of the city where the headquarters of the Association – Belgrade.
Article 20.
All matters which are not regulated by this Statute will directly apply the provisions of the Law on Associations.
Article 21.
This Statute come into force on the day of its adoption by the Assembly of the Association.


The President of the Assembly of the Association
________________________                                                                                                                                                   /Dejan Marković/