Structure of organization




Union of Ecologist (UNECO) is an association of citizens who choose for the systematic and organized engagement in the field of environmental protection. The Union gathers individuals and legal entities, i.e. individuals as well as institutions, organizations, companies, NGOs, other associations of citizens, who are interested in environmental actions, projects and programs, as well as personal engagement in the field of environmental protection, sustainable development, and improvement quality of life.
Union of Ecologist is an association open to versatile cooperation with all other institutions and organizations, which are opting for environmental protection, quality of life in harmony with nature and the integration of society on the basis of the overall realization of human rights and freedoms.
UNECO is committed to systematic and organized engagement in all areas of environmental protection, especially in protecting biodiversity, integrated management of natural resources, and encouraging minimization and recycling of municipal, industrial and bio-hazardous waste treatment.
Within the framework of UNECO projects, programs and actions of the following organizations are coordinated: The Nature Conservation Movement of Sremska Mitrovica; Futura – Palic; Ecological Society “Svarog” – Zaječar; Ecological Society “Sova” – Mionica; Ecological Movement EKOM – Simićevo; Atelier Green Dog – Belgrade; Ecological Center “Turjak” – Novi Pazar; UNECO – Jagodina, Paracin, Kraljevo, Bezdan, Šabac, Gornji Milanovac, Baric, Novi Sad, Vrnjačka Banja, Brus, Vrsac, the village Cherry, Avala; Movement “Oak” – Kragujevac; Sports, recreation and fisherman society “Zabran” – Obrenovac; Ecological classroom Baračka – Sombor; The movement of organic agriculture POP – Novi Sad; Ecological Movement “Kubik” – Raška; Eko men – Surčin; Ecological Movement “Valjevo mountains Bazz” – Valjevo; “Green Žabar” – Novi Beograd; “Green house” – Vračar; Association of Mokrogoraca – Šargan.

Projectni team

General coordinator
Dimitrije Aleksić
Technical secretary
Boban Starčević
Project menager
Miloš Nikolić
Nevena Božić

UNECO has an intensive program cooperation with scientific and professional institutions:

1. Department of Chemistry – Faculty of Science Novi Sad,
2. Department of Geography – Faculty of Science Novi Sad,
3. Eco Zoo Center – Palić,
4. Institute of Economic Sciences – Belgrade,
5. Research station Petnica,
6. Recycling Agency of the Republic of Serbia,
7. Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia,
8. Regional Environmental Center REC – Beograd,
9. Pomurski ecological Centre Murska Sobota, Slovenia